\ Everyone’s Welcome | Holland Michigan

From Dutch to Diverse

Over the decades, a community originally settled by Dutch immigrants has become a community settled by people from all over the world.


Industrious, hardworking and fun. That’s us in a nutshell. We’re honest people who value community and believe in working hard to do a job well. In addition to having one of the nation’s best work forces, we’re also home to some of the nation’s most creative professionals. With industry driving new innovation, we couldn’t afford not to be.


Safe on the Street

We’ll keep repeating ourselves on this. Our streets are safe. Forbes Magazine (April 2007) rated us among the top five safest places in the US.

Community Empowerment


Community Empowerment

Part of the reason Holland is known as a safe place to live and a great place to raise a family is that we believe in things like the Golden Rule and being good to one another. We recognize that we’re more than just a heartbeat.

We have always believed in building communities where we can all explore and express the things we believe in. We have some amazing families in Holland that do great things for our entire community. In fact, Holland is one of the most philanthropic communities in the world.



Start Your Career

No, we’re not a “party” community. But if you’re interested in letting your career take hold in a community with a lot going on, we think you’ll like it here. We’re one of the most affordable areas anywhere while flat out being one of America’s best places to live. Think of it. Everything you want is either here, or a stone’s throw away. All we need to be perfect, is you.


Raise Your Family

School options, great parks, a safe community built on great family values and what do you have? A place you can raise your family. A real place. The kind you will never regret. Times have changed everywhere. Values have changed. But if you’re one that still puts your family first, we think you’ll be very, very happy in Holland.



Retire doesn’t mean quit. And if you’re looking for a community with friendly people, a fun and active Downtown, plus great parks and places to walk or have coffee with friends, you’ll love it here. Holland is one of America’s top towns to retire in for all kinds of reasons and we’re hoping to see you soon.