Will be in Holland the week of May 12…will the tulips still be in bloom? And are there any activities/sights/venues to take my 80-something mother to who can’t walk any distance? Are there trolley tours or bus tours in the area? What is the number one suggestion you would give someone as a must-see before leaving the area? Thanks!

A: This year, the Tulips should be beautiful the week of May 12 – we have had a cold spring, which typically means a colorful May.  For information regarding the festival and trolleys, you should contact the official Tulip Time Festival at www.tuliptime.com or 1-800-822-2770.  There are many wondful things to do in the City of Holland, including visting our Heinz Waterfront Boardwalk  along Kollen Park, taking in our Historic Windmill, visiting Lake Michigin and watching the waves roll in, but my favorite thing to do is hang out on 8th Street on our brick sidewalks watching the friendly faces pass by.

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