My husband and I are planning on relocating in Holland from Down south Texas within a couple of months, its all of a sudden because of a job opportunity my husband has. I am currently 3 months pregnant and is wondering what doctors is there and birthing hospitals, as well as, Child care. I have a 3 year old daughter and would like for her to continue her education in a class environment. I’m really stressing because i dont know what to expect in a place i dont know, this will be my first time moving out of state.

A: Thank you for contacting the City of Holland!  Wow, that is a jump from south Texas to West Michigan.  It’s always great to hear about people moving to Michigan from out of state, especially to our area.  Although Holland is rich in Dutch heritage, we are slowly becoming a melting pot welcoming people from different states, countries, cultures and walks of life creating a great environment for all, including families.  The City is home to great doctors, hospitals, schools and any resource a family would want and need.  The City also offers different living styles, from downtown lofts to large lot single family home neighborhoods.  Please take a moment to check out the different neighborhoods within the City of Holland.

Holland Hospital is located in the City of Holland and houses the Boven Birth Center where they “Celebrate babies and their families by providing everything a newborn needs for an excellent start in life”.

No doubt families require good child care.  I encourage you to check out websites, talk to someone at Holland Hospital or by word of mouth through your husband’s new job.  There is something out there for everyone.  And please be assured that when your children are ready, top schools in the area await them.

Please take a moment to look through this website, for more answers starting with “The Basics” , clicking on it and then moving on to the other areas on the site.  You will find more detailed information and links to all you want to know about the City of Holland.

We wish you luck in your upcoming move and new adventure!

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