I wondered if Holland would be a good place to retire, because I love cold weather and I love to be outdoors any time of the year. What would be the best area in Holland to find an apartment? I am not ready for a retirement home, just a nice apartment. I am originally from Michigan and wish to return to my homestate from New York. Thank you

A: Holland is a wonderful place to retire.  Considering all of its inviting neighborhoods, its state of the art Senior Center, Evergreen Commons, and its abundant housing options, I am sure you will find Holland as a perfect place to call home.  Holland is home to many apartment opportunities in and around the City.  If they are in the City, then there is a good chance they are in a walkable neighborhood and on a bus line, such as Midtown Village and the Village at Appledorn.  While these apartments are reserved for senior citizens, you will find that Holland is home to an abundance of active senior citizens. In addition to apartment complexes, Holland is also home to several single family homes that can be rented.  To search out these opportunities, go to the Michigan Housing Locator by clicking here.

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