I currently live in Charlotte, MI and Dickinson, ND. My wife and I are looking for a nice place to live in MI. I really would like to find out the truth about the crime in Holland, MI and how well people are apt to become friends? I’m attracted to Holland because my family four generations came over from Holland.

A: We’re very happy to hear that you are interested in learning about the City of Holland in hopes of possibly living here!  In one word I would describe the City of Holland as a “Community”.  Google defines community as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”  And that is exactly what Holland is. 

In regard to safety in our neighborhoods, you will be excited to know that we have an amazing set of involved neighbors and an engaged public safety department.  While we can’t predict everything, we take comfort in knowing that the people of Holland and the Public Safety Department work hand in hand making Holland a safe place for all to enjoy.  I would encourage you to reach out directly to our Public Safety Department.  We have a dedicated department called Community Policing and their direct number is 616-355-1140.

We hope you will consider living in Holland.  Please take time to look through this website for more information on the City and the different neighborhoods within the City.  



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