Hi, I am a high school senior and I am considering attending Hope College for school next year. I am from SE MN, and not familiar with Holland at all. I was wondering what kind of reputation the school has, and if you would consider Holland a good “college town?” Thank you!

A: Thank you for your interest in Holland!  First off let me just say that the City of Holland is great place to live, go to school, retire, etc.

As far as Hope College goes – it just adds to all the great offerings Holland has.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that Holland is a “college town” but I would say that Hope College is a “college neighborhood” – among many other great neighborhoods that make up the City.  Located down the street from downtown Holland and approximately five miles from Lake Michigan, sitting on over 120 acres, what else can you ask for?

Of course you can do your research about what’s offered at Hope College and how they stand against other colleges (US News voted Hope College #6 on the “up and coming” list of colleges and universities), but its reputation is one of a tight community of students with exceptional academic programs.

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