do you have any co op food stores in or near Holland? i am interested in relocation to Holland though want to make sure I can get organic and local food. thanks

A: Thank you for contacting the City of Holland!  We’re excited about your interest in relocating to our wonderful town.  There are several options in Holland and around Holland for organic, local and coop food stores.

The first thing I will mention is our Farmers Market .  The City of Holland Farmers Market is open Wednesdays and Fridays 7 months out of the year and features organic vendors, most of which are from area CSA farms – such as Visser Farms There is also a farmers market just north of town in Park Township.

8th Day Farm is another option –  They are a CSA Farm and provide vegetables from June – October.  The farm is not certified organic but they do raise much of their produce with organic methods.

Two organic food stores in Holland are Nature’s Market and Apple Valley Natural Foods (Apple Valley is also a vegetarian store).

If you venture out of Holland, there are several options, especially in Grand Rapids which is only approximately 30 minutes away. To learn more about these opportunities, visit the West Michigan Online Cooperative at

I hope this answers your question.  If you need any more information about the City of Holland, please contact us at any time.

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