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Hello! I am 21 years old and my family is moving back to Michigan. I am looking to move into my first apartment on my own and I am interested in Holland! I was wondering if it is a budget friendly community? I would be looking for a 1 bed 1 bath apartment. I will be getting certified in teaching so are the elementary schools good, too? I am just looking for basic information about everyday living in Holland Michigan for a first time apartment/condo young adult! Thanks :)

July 14th, 2016


Glad to hear your family is moving back to Michigan!  Holland truly is a great place to live with so much to offer to all age groups any time of year and since recently voted the healthiest county in Michigan, it is certainly growing.

There are several options for schools in Holland – all great choices and boils down to personal preference.  See our Education page for more details.  As far as a prospective job outlook for elementary school teachers, we encourage you to contact each district for potential job opportunities.

There are several ways to locate housing in the City.  In addition to the national websites such as Realtor.com Apartment Search or Zillow Apartment Search, you can also check our local newspaper at www.hollandsentinel.com.  To learn more about the neighborhoods I would encourage you to check out our neighborhood flyers Here.  There are many different neighborhoods within the City of Holland and the greater Holland area.  No matter where you choose to live in Holland we’re sure you will be happy as there is so much to offer and nothing is very far including many outdoor activities, parks on Lake Michigan, small commercial districts and the City of Holland’s downtown.  8th Street Downtown offers great shops, restaurants, brew pubs, art studios, outdoor entertainment and a great farmers market, just to name a few.  See www.downtownholland.com for more information.

Good luck to you and your family!

Valuable information. Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I am shocked why this accident did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

July 11th, 2016

A: Thanks for letting us know it is helpful and we’re very glad you found it too!

I grew up in Indiana and I now live in Florida. I have never been to Holland, MI, but I would like to visit there sometime. Of course, I’d like to come when I can see some tulips blooming.I’ve heard that the peak time for the tulips blooming in Holland is the first week of May. Is that correct?Are there any tulips left blooming around July 4th? If so, approximately what percentage?Thanks for your answers.

June 8th, 2016

A: Hello!  Thank you for your interest in Holland!  Such a great place to visit and live!  Your source is correct; tulips bloom in the spring and usually (depending on mother nature of course) are in full bloom around the first week in May – this is when we hold our annual Tulip Time Festival.  Millions of tulips are growing throughout the City and surrounding areas.  By July 4 there are no tulips to be seen.  But if you are thinking of visiting Holland in July, there is a lot to do and see including the big Independence Day Celebration here in Holland.  For more information about visiting Holland, please visit the Holland Visitors Bureau website, as well as our Downtown Holland website.   Hope you visit us soon!

I have decided that I want to leave NYC for a smaller more child friendly city and have decided on relocating to Holland, Michigan. I am looking to learn more about the area from others and make connections if possible. Is there a forum for that?

June 8th, 2016

A: That is so awesome that you’re moving to Holland.  I am also a transplant from NYC many, many years ago!  West Michigan is beautiful and a great choice to live for any age group.  There are a lot of ways to learn more about Holland – of course you’ve got a good start with visiting the enjoyhollandmichigan.com website!  Lots of information here.  We also have a Facebook page, Twitter page, Downtown Holland website, Downtown Holland Facebook page, Downtown Holland Twitter page, Ottawa County and what you might be very interested in is a Holland Area Newcomer’s Organization.  (Click on links).

I hope these are helpful to you as you move forward and begin a new adventure!  Stop by City Hall some time when you get settled in!

We cant attend the tulip festival this year. When do the tulips start blooming — last week of April, I hope?

March 18th, 2016

Thank you for your email! And your interest in our tulips. I’m sorry that you cannot make it to the Tulip Time Festival this year, but it sounds like you may be able to make it beforehand? You asked when do the tulips start blooming, and in a perfect world yes, April would be great and they will be in full bloom by Tulip Time week and it looks like we’re on track for that (with continued cooler weather) according to the Tulip Time website. Here is the Tulip Time webpage with updates on the tulips: https://www.tuliptime.com/the-tulips.

In any case, I hope you can make it to Holland some time soon.  It is beautiful here all year round!



Hi! I am thinking of leaving Central California for a slower pace of life with mid west sentiments…I have never lived far from an ocean, however, it’s really about a beautiful night sky, and fresh air. How does Holland rate? Thanks.

December 30th, 2015

A: Hi there and thank you for checking out Holland, Michigan!  We think Holland rates pretty high as a place to live.  While I won’t qualify Holland as a slow pace to live, we are just small enough that you will truly feel a part of the community and just large enough that you find exciting stuff to do all year long!  As for living near the ocean, you will be happy to know that the City is a short five minute drive to Lake Michigan, which in our opinion, is better than the ocean because we don’t have to deal with salt or sharks.   As for the night sky, the City is also a short drive to the deep country and the stars just seem to shine brighter in the country air.

Hello! I am currently living in the Des Moines, IA area and looking to relocate to Holland. I have been looking for employment in the area for the past few months but have not had any luck. I have worked in Insurance (data entry, underwriting, and IT), but I’m not opposed to going into something new. Are there any upcoming job fairs or what would be the best recommendation for securing employment in Holland while living out of town?Thanks,Rachel

August 7th, 2015

Hello!  And it’s great you’re looking to relocate to Holland! 

While I suggest continuing to search the job search websites for opportunities (including putting in “Job fair” under keywords), you may want to contact Michigan Works Association, “A workforce development association serving employers and job seekers throughout Michigan.”  They have an office in Holland, offer job fairs and also workshops.  (Direct link to the job fair page:  http://michiganworkska.org/job-fair-information/.)  Here is a link to workshops and events with Ottawa County:  http://www.miottawa.org/Community/MichiganWorks/.

Good luck in your search and we hope it leads you to great opportunities and adventures – and that it includes living in Holland!

My husband is going to be retiring soon and I am on disability how expensive is it to live in Holland??

August 7th, 2015

Thank you for reaching out to us – it is always exciting when we hear about someone considering moving to Holland!

The City of Holland is a great place for all ages and that includes retirees.  The reasons include all that Holland has to offer.  A few years back Money Magazine voted Holland # 4 on their best places in the retire in the U.S. citing it a place for a perfect retirement — ” … loads of culture, lots of green space and everything else the most desirable places in America have.”

Read about more reasons why:  http://www.enjoyhollandmichigan.com/reasons-retire/, http://www.topretirements.com/reviews/Michigan/Holland.html and here is a list of why people choose to live in Holland:  http://www.holland.org/media/media-awards/.

I would encourage you to reach out to a realtor or search online for retirement communities within the City of Holland that work within your budget.

People here know how to enjoy like and take advantage of all the great resources available to them in Holland.  We hope you will too.


My name is Sherry White

I love it here!

We joke about the fact that we live in Holland during the winters because we can go to the beach during the summers, which in my case is TOTALLY true. Grew up on a huge lake in Wisconsin, and would be “damaged” by trying to live away from a large body of water. Beyond that, Hope College, with its worship community, lively arts scene and refreshing youthfulness. I appreciate more now than I did when I moved here the “Dutch clean" thing. I love Tulip Time.

My name is Roel Garcia

It's a Norman Rockwell painting.

Holland reminds me of a town whose scenes you'd expect to be captured on a Norman Rockwell painting. The town has the amenities of a larger-sized city but also has a "small town" feel to it, where you know your neighbors. I enjoy its quaintness, diversifying community, great library and vibrant downtown. I like the way Holland makes me feel, which is comfortable, and cozy. Plus, there are beautiful sunsets to watch off of Kollen Park on summer evenings. In addition, Holland is nestled near Lake Michigan, less than an hour from the hustle and bustle of Grand Rapids and about three hours from Chicago, making them quick rides for day trips. Becoming part of the Holland community has been an enriching experience for me.

My name is Ruth Coleman


I value acceptance of all ethnic groups especially those who are willing to help build and contribute to the safety and well-being of their own.

My name is Kelli Perkins

We're shakin' and groovin'!

Many people think that Holland is an old school location with a lot of history. But Holland is shakin’ and groovin’ with activity. It’s eclectic, vibrant and delicious! Believe me, if a nose-bejeweled, stripe-haired girl from Chicago can feel at home here, anyone can. We’re here to stay and ready to lead the way!

My name is Barb Aalderink

A wonderful place to raise a family.

Holland is a wonderful place to raise a family and enjoy the beauty of the seasons. In the spring I ride my bike to the lake. In summertime I picnic at beautiful local parks. In the fall I participate in an abundance of community activities. And in winter, I enjoy the beauty of the season. But, most of what I love about Holland I can enjoy year-round…our many nationalities, the pride people take in their homes, the incredible work ethic, and the many places of friendly worship.

My name is Captain Jack Dykstra

Holland is a true leader.

Holland is a leader in what true community is…diversity, values, faith, commitment, volunteerism, generosity, solid work ethic and safety. As a leader in the law enforcement community, I personally take the public’s safety very seriously. Our community based policing and continued community partnerships ensure that this city will continue to be a safe and secure place to live.

My name is Thea Grigsby

An amazing place to put down roots.

I’ve only lived here a few months but I can tell you that Holland is an amazingly great place to put down roots. It’s historic, beautiful, friendly and artistic. There is a wonderful quality of life - no matter what age you are!

My name is Chris de Alvare

We stand out in a crowd.

Holland has many strengths and assets which make us stand out in a crowd. That’s probably why so many companies have decided to stay in or relocate to Holland. (Not to mention the families and individuals who could relocate anywhere, vacation anywhere or retire anywhere, but have chosen here!)

My name is Matthew Scott

Holland has everything I need.

Holland has everything I need, but Grand Rapids is close and Chicago and Detroit are fully accessible. Holland is small enough and big enough at the same time. There is a lot to offer in the way of recreation, four seasons of things going on, and enough parks that there is always one close by. More and more, folks are looking for just this type of place and we’re lucky enough to already live here.

My name is Marvin Martins

Take your pick.

Holland is a great town in which to own a home. With our great diversity of neighborhoods, we have a house for you. From bi-levels to Historic Homes to Craftsmans (which are my favorite), we are a city with many choices. So when looking around for a place to live, remember the City will always have what you want.

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